Phantastic Casino

Get rewarded by having fun
Brand Strategy + Messaging + Corporate Design + UX Design + UI Design

About Phantastic Casino

  • Web3 casino application
  • Gambling with crypto currency only
  • Hub with many popular casino games like poker, roulette, black jack and more
  • All games are a vailable on desktop and mobile (responsive design)
  • Build on Phantasma Chain, a layer-1 blockchain designed for gaming projects
  • Ecosystem fueled by the $SOUL and $KCA token

The Challenge

The world of online casinos is dubious, there are many shady and not really trustworthy platforms out there. With a decentralized all-in-one casino app (dApp), the startup Phantastic Casino plans to change this. Their goal is nothing less than revolutionizing the world of online casinos. By using blockchain technology, Phantastic Casino offers transparency and security not only during the entire play time but also during the distribution of rewards.

Branding & understanding the customer

In multiple workshops we developed the core statement and the brand attributes and developed a brand strategy in order to be able to communicate the values of Phantastic Casino. With its core values and a purposeful brand statement Phantastic Casino positions itself as a brand that playfully enriches and improves people's everyday lives through entertainment and uncomplicated reward distribution. Besides understanding and defining brand and product, user centered design can't be done without figuring out who the customers are and what they want from a product such as Phantastic Casino. That's why we asked actual online casino and web3 casino users what their needs, expectations and pain points are when it comes to online gambling. Based on the collected data, we held a persona workshop and created the customer profiles for Phantastic Casino. We also developed different user journeys with different touch points and interaction phases.

Corporate Design

Based on the goal to create an entertaining, trustworthy and professional environment for players, we designed a suitable visual language. The team chose a playful yet professional look. Among other things, this look is ensured by the choice of colors: the combination of navy blue and golden yellow creates a noble appearance. A bright turquoise brings additional dynamic to the color palette. With its modern and rounded design, the sans serif font "Quicksand" offers formal qualities reminiscent of the physical characteristics of neon letters. That makes it perfect for the playfully glowing typography of a casino. The logo refers to the fantastic character of the casino: Phantastic Casino provides a gaming experience that actually rewards the user for his efforts.

UX Design

In order to organize and map out the user flow of Phantastic Casino and it's different games, we created schematic representations of different interaction sequences. The complexity of the respective screens and interactions is kept simple and clear to get an overview on how the user interacts. As the individual screens contain complex functions, the next step was to create wireframes for the different views. That way the different interactions structured in the user flow schematics were translated into actual UI components, like buttons, input fields, switches etc. At this stage the visual design wasn't important yet, but the structure of the application and its different features, where to place them and how to interact with them. This was crucial to create a user friendly experience, focused on user needs.

UI Design

Based on UX design, wireframes and the corporate design, we created high fildelity mockups representing the final application. First we focused on a handful of games, like the Wheel of Fortune, a game in the style of Dreamcatcher, a popular variation of the Money Wheel. Shortly after that we added Texas HODL'em Poker. As Phantastic Casino is build on the Phantasma Blockchain, a layer-1 specifically developed for gaming, all games can be played with the chains' native tokens $SOUL and $KCAL. But Phantastic Casino also plans to integrate other tokens, like the two industry giants $BTC and $ETH.

See if our service is right for you. (spoiler: It totally is.)

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