I'm a designer from Cologne, Germany. I love to be creative, help businesses and craft stuff.

I help you build your business with a broad range of design services.

Hi, Jens Gantz here 👋

*April 12, 1986, in Cologne, Germany

💼 Experience

Oct. 2019 - Today

Head of Design


Oct. 2015 - Nov. 2020

UX/UI Designer

Explicatis GmbH, Cologne, Germany

Apr. 2015 - Sept. 2015

Graphic Designer

Elements Agency, Kassel, Germany

🎓 Education

2015 – 2018

Diploma, Media Arts

Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany

2010 - 2015

MA, Visual Communication/Graphic Design

School of Art and Design, Kassel, Germany

2008 - 2014

MFA, Fine Arts

School of Art and Design, Kassel, Germany

1 - I love clarity and I'm a straight talker. Expect the courage to do things differently.

2 - I do not shy away from difficult questions or tough projects. It's the opposite instead: My job is to solve tricky problems for you and I love it.

3 - Design isn't art and creativity alone brings you nowhere. Design is creativity with a clear structure, so it can serve your business needs.

4 - Staying in the comfort zone is no option for me. Big success always comes from innovation and the guts to try different.

5 - Good Design isn't a fluffy Shepadoodle: It can't make everyone happy.

6 - I'm not the best Designer for everyone, and that's fine. Everything's gonna be alright.

Enough about me: Let's talk about your business!

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